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Find out if your data is on the Dark Web

Do you know if your company’s network credentials are on the Dark Web?

More than 85% of small business owners don’t feel at risk of a cyberattack. Yet, more than 14 million SMEs were affected by cybercrime or data breaches in 2017. All it takes is a single compromised login to put your business – and your customers – at risk.

Free Dark Web reports

There’s a simple way to find out whether any of your business’ data appears on the Dark Web. We’re offering free Dark Web reports, revealing whether any credentials associated with your web domain appear on over 600,000 notorious sites.

If we don’t find anything associated with your business, you’ll have peace of mind. But if there are issues, it’s better to know and we can help you address your vulnerabilities.

Search the Dark Web for stolen credentials now. Contact us on 0844 544 2921 or send us an email to book your free Dark Web report.