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Whether it's a sluggish network affecting productivity or security threats putting your data at risk, poor IT infrastructure can put a hand-break on your business. It's our commitment to the relationships we build with our clients that sets us apart. We're ready to be your long-term partner, creating the foundation for mutual success.

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    We are really pleased with the service provided by Ratcliff IT. They set up everything very efficiently and the team are polite and friendly to work with. I would definitely recommend them

    - Lynn Ayiotis, Company Secretary, Access Solutions

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    It was good to have a trustworthy partner to hold our hands throughout the process of transferring our IT operations. They continue to have our best interests at heart and I am very happy with the excellent service they provide

    - Ben Hobbs, Managing Partner, Consortium Investment Management LLP

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    The good thing about a local company is they can get to know us and understand how we work, which always helps to solve any issues very quickly

    - Robert Cooper, Director, AGL

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What is IT Infrastructure?

At Ratcliff IT, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke IT infrastructure solutions that cater to the distinct requirements of each business. Our approach ensures your systems perform optimally, aligning seamlessly with your goals. 

  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Management
  • Ongoing support


What is IT Infrastructure

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Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Services to Enhance Your London-Based Business

In the fast-paced London business world, ensuring your IT infrastructure meets both current and future needs is crucial.
Ratcliff IT offers a wide range of comprehensive services designed to enhance your operations, leveraging cloud-based solutions and deep infrastructure expertise to keep you ahead. Our focus on robust security measures and data security means you can trust us to protect your most valuable assets.



We keep a vigilant eye on your systems around the clock, ensuring peak performance and swiftly addressing any issues to minimise downtime.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Stay at the forefront with the latest technology. Our solutions embrace innovation, from cloud-based services to advanced security software, ensuring you're equipped for today and tomorrow.



As your business grows, your IT infrastructure should too. We design flexible solutions that can scale up or down, aligned perfectly with your evolving requirements.


Risk Management

Our proactive approach to risk management includes implementing the highest security measures, safeguarding your business against potential threats and ensuring your data remains secure.



In a city as dynamic as London, adaptability is key. We offer IT infrastructure services that are as flexible as your business needs to be, including a responsive service desk ready to assist you at every turn.

Proactive Infrastructure Management

Our dedicated team is on hand, offering both remote and in-person support to ensure your IT systems are running smoothly. With our expertise in cloud-based solutions, we're always ready to tackle any challenge, be it managing cyber risks or finding the right solution for your unique needs.

We're not just a service provider; we're a part of your team, committed to ensuring your infrastructure is robust, resilient, and ready to support your business goals.

Let's work together to create an IT environment that's as dynamic and forward-thinking as your business.

Rest easy with your trusted support partner.


  Award-Winning, Accredited Managed IT Support

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Interested in IT Infrastructure Support?

So, how do you get the ball rolling?

Our comprehensive audit begins with a call with James Ratcliff, followed by a thorough evaluation of your current IT setup and security systems.

We'll pinpoint any vulnerabilities and areas ripe for enhancement, then craft actionable recommendations to boost your IT's value. You'll receive a detailed assessment report, complete with an action plan and road map, presented personally by our team. Dive deeper into what makes your IT tick and discover improvements that could transform your business operations.


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Are you ready to boost your productivity and optimise your technology? We’re the right call if you’re looking for a partner to grow and adapt with you, because at Ratcliff IT we’re dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships. Our Managed IT Support is designed to help you take IT off your agenda. Book in your free IT assessment with James Ratcliff today and find out how we can help you improve your performance whatever shape or form you’re looking for.



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Why Do Small Businesses in London Need IT Support?

In London's bustling market, having solid IT support is a smart move for small businesses. Ratcliff IT isn't just about fixing tech issues; we help your business run smoothly day-to-day with our bespoke support packages. We design the right solution for you, ensuring your business operations are slick, your data's safe, and you're clued up on the latest tech.

Having us on board means you're set up to handle cyber threats, keep up with data laws, and add new tech without a fuss. For a small business in London, good IT support is key to staying ahead in a busy market and letting your IT grow with your business – without you having to stress over it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers people want about IT infrastructure services in the London area.

An IT infrastructure department plays a pivotal role in many businesses by ensuring the smooth operation of a company's technology systems. It designs, implements, and manages the network, servers, devices, and software that support the business's daily activities. Additionally, it oversees security measures to protect data, offers technical support, and keeps systems up-to-date and running efficiently. Central to these responsibilities is developing an infrastructure strategy that aligns with business objectives. Essentially, this department is the backbone that allows all other parts of the business to function effectively by providing reliable and secure IT solutions. Learn more on IT infrastructure here.

IT infrastructure consulting services involve expert guidance on setting up, managing, and optimising your company's IT network, hardware, and software to meet your specific business needs. Ratcliff IT stands out by focusing on building strong relationships and ensuring you're always in the loop. Our dedicated support team offers personalised solutions, aiming to enhance your IT efficiency and security, so you can focus on growing your business. Trust Ratcliff IT to be your partner in navigating the complex IT landscape.

The three main areas of IT infrastructure crucial for the seamless operation of any business are:

Hardware: This includes physical devices such as servers, computers, switches, data centres, and routers. It's the tangible part of IT that you can touch and see, forming the foundation upon which all operations rest.

Software: Encompassing the applications and operating systems that run on the hardware, software is essential for performing specific tasks. It ranges from productivity suites and databases to management and security tools.

Network: A critical component, the network, allows communication between hardware devices and facilitates data exchange. It includes internet connectivity, network enablement, firewall and security measures, and more.

These components work together to support daily business operations, enabling companies to function efficiently and securely in today's digital world.

We recognise that IT isn't all about computers - It's about developing personal relationships and becoming a reliable partner in your business. Think of us as an extension of your own team. You'll enjoy a friendly and personal service and we will make sure that you always have the right level of on-site and remote support.

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