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Are you dealing with fires after you’ve clocked off? We help you leave work at work. With our fully fixed fee, fully managed IT support services, you can trust us to look after your day-to-day (and emergency) IT needs, so you can be fully present for the life moments that matter.


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    We are really pleased with the service provided by Ratcliff IT. They set up everything very efficiently and the team are polite and friendly to work with. I would definitely recommend them

    - Lynn Ayiotis, Company Secretary, Access Solutions

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    It was good to have a trustworthy partner to hold our hands throughout the process of transferring our IT operations. They continue to have our best interests at heart and I am very happy with the excellent service they provide

    - Ben Hobbs, Managing Partner, Consortium Investment Management LLP

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    The good thing about a local company is they can get to know us and understand how we work, which always helps to solve any issues very quickly

    - Robert Cooper, Director, AGL

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What Can You Expect From Ratcliff IT As Your MSP?

Choosing Ratcliff IT as your Managed Service Provider (MSP) is like getting a powerhouse team that's invested in your business's success.

We offer personalised tech expertise, working closely with your internal IT department to tailor solutions that mesh with your core business concerns. Our fingers are on the pulse of the IT world, delivering solutions that matter today and anticipating what’s around the corner.

With Ratcliff IT, expect top-tier, secure, and creative solutions that propel your business efficiency and shield you from IT hiccups.

From proactive network management and serious cybersecurity measures to dependable data backup, recovery, and ongoing support, we've covered your IT backbone.

Plus, our dedication to clear communication means you're always in the loop, getting the insights and guidance you need to steer your IT in the right direction for your business strategy.




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Let Us Look After Your IT with Our Outstanding Business IT Support

In the modern workplace, little is more frustrating than your IT getting in your way. Poor communication and uncertainty are unacceptable, and you shouldn’t have to make do. Your technology should seamlessly facilitate hybrid and remote teams, minimise downtime, and boost productivity.

At Ratcliff IT, we don’t do one-size-fits-all. Our Managed IT Support is tailor-made for you. Let us be your right-hand man and take care of your IT, so that you can take care of your business with the confidence that we've got your back.

Flexible, Fixed-Price Contracts

Flexible, Fixed-Price Contracts

When you choose Ratcliff IT as your partner, transparency and cost-effectiveness are at the forefront. Our contracts are transparently priced on a fixed basis, tailored to your specific needs, ensuring no unexpected charges.

We prioritise cost-efficiency by identifying solutions that not only suit your requirements but also enhance savings through improved efficiency, reduced waste, and stringent control of budgets and spending. Collaborating with Ratcliff IT guarantees straightforward, honest communication and a customer-centric approach. We are committed to providing clear guidance and thorough explanations, ensuring you are well informed and confident about the IT strategies we implement for your business.

Committed to Your IT Security and Flow  

Committed to Your IT Security and Flow

Dedicated to maximising your IT efficiency and security, our approach is tailored to ensure you receive precisely what your business requires – nothing more, nothing less. We conduct a thorough systems review, recommending solutions that align perfectly with your needs, with a firm commitment to never selling you unnecessary services.

Savvy cybersecurity and robust business continuity are crucial in the fast-paced digital world. Our strategy involves constructing a robust defensive framework around your operations, encompassing everything from reliable backup services to swift incident response mechanisms and strategic cybersecurity guidance, all designed to keep you a step ahead.

Easy Access to Support

Easy Access to Support

Are you weary of the constant struggle to resolve your IT problems? At Ratcliff, our commitment lies in fostering enduring relationships. By choosing our business IT support, you gain a dedicated point of contact, ensuring clarity and ease of communication without the hassle of intermediaries or sales teams.

Instead, you'll directly engage with members of our leadership team, guaranteeing access to highly skilled and experienced professionals. Nestled in the heart of London, our UK-based team focuses on seamlessly integrating your strategic business objectives with proficient IT management. We pride ourselves on being proactive, not merely reactive, in addressing IT challenges.

Expert Service

Expert Service

Our expert services are meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring you receive the support you need, precisely when you need it. This includes comprehensive services such as unlimited on-site assistance, preventative maintenance, security management, IT expertise, telephone support, remote monitoring, and disaster recovery planning.

Our support team is constantly in tune with the latest digital trends, which enables us to ensure that your IT infrastructure is not only cutting-edge but also prepared to adapt to future advancements. This forward-thinking approach ensures that your IT systems align with industry best practices, equipping you to navigate future technological challenges and opportunities confidently and easily.

Our Managed IT Support Services

At the core of our managed services, the Inclusive IT Support agreement is crafted to refine and simplify your IT service provider experience. Our approach prioritises understanding your business context before delving into the solutions we offer as your IT-managed service provider. Tailoring our services to meet your unique business needs, whether you wish to completely offload IT responsibilities or seek targeted support in specific areas, we adapt our expertise to your requirements. This collaboration involves sharing your future aspirations, enabling us to craft a technology strategy that supports your business journey, incorporating aspects like cyber security, data management, and network security.



Managed IT Support

Our Managed IT Support service offers a comprehensive and proactive approach to managing your business's IT infrastructure. With a focus on maximising efficiency and minimising disruptions, our expert team ensures your systems are running smoothly and securely. We cover everything from regular maintenance and updates to swift issue resolution, providing you with peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your core business activities. Trust in our dedicated support to optimise your IT environment, offering tailored solutions that align with your specific business needs and objectives.


Co-managed IT Support

Our Co-managed IT Support service seamlessly integrates with your internal IT team, offering the flexibility of a central London-based IT partner. Whether it's extending your team's capacity or infusing specialist knowledge, our co-managed approach allows for the expansion of your team's capabilities, liberating time for your in-house experts. View us as an essential extension of your team, equipped to handle everything from wireless access points to broader IT strategies.


IT Project Outsourcing

Whether your IT project is big or small—with over 15 years of experience in Project Outsourcing, we can help. We have the expertise and work with all the leading technology suppliers, so that we can help you with:

  • Cloud migration
  • Business applications
  • Digital transformation
  • Planning
  • Compliance
  • Office relocation

Your Award Winning Managed Services Provider

We're over the moon to have been recognised as one of Britain's 50 Best Managed IT Companies in the 2023 Awards, for the 6th consecutive year and we will strive to keep improving our services and delivering innovative IT solutions in 2024.

If you want to learn more about our exceptional Managed IT Services, chat with our team.

50 Best Managed IT Award

  Award-Winning, Accredited Managed IT Support

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Are you ready to boost your productivity and optimise your technology? We’re the right call if you’re looking for a partner to grow and adapt with you, because at Ratcliff IT we’re dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships. Our Managed IT Support is designed to help you take IT off your agenda. Book in your free IT assessment with James Ratcliff today and find out how we can help you improve your performance—whatever shape or form you’re looking for.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some quick answers to your common queries? Check them out here:

Managed IT Services mean you let a pro team (that's us!) handle your IT operations. We step in to manage and take responsibility for a range of IT tasks, so you don't have to. It's about staying ahead of the game, keeping your business's IT running smoothly, and cutting the risk of downtime. It's proactive, it's efficient, and it’s tailored to boost your overall business strategy. With a focus on technical account management, our services align seamlessly with your needs. Learn more here.

An example of a managed service is cloud solutions management, where a provider looks after your hosting, data storage, and computing power. They'll ensure your data is safe, accessible, and backed up, without you needing to manage the technical details. This is particularly beneficial when working with a third party provider for specialised services.


IT management costs can vary widely, but you might expect to pay from a few hundred pounds to a couple of thousand per month. It largely depends on the scope and scale of your IT needs. Some providers offer tiered services, so you only pay for what you use, often structured as a fixed monthly cost. This model is particularly advantageous for budgeting and financial planning. With Ratcliff IT you can always rest assured that you are receiving the top support at an affordable and competitive market price.

IT support usually means on-demand assistance when tech issues arise, typically provided through a service desk. In contrast, managed services involve ongoing oversight of your IT infrastructure, often with the aim of preventing problems before they occur. IT support is typically reactive, while managed services, especially those from a leading managed service provider, take a proactive approach, integrating closely with your IT and business strategies.

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