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Is your business relying on computing solutions that just can't handle the pressure? Slow systems, frequent downtime, and vulnerable security can lead to frustrated staff, lost data, and unhappy customers.

It's a situation no business should face.


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    We are really pleased with the service provided by Ratcliff IT. They set up everything very efficiently and the team are polite and friendly to work with. I would definitely recommend them

    - Lynn Ayiotis, Company Secretary, Access Solutions

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    It was good to have a trustworthy partner to hold our hands throughout the process of transferring our IT operations. They continue to have our best interests at heart and I am very happy with the excellent service they provide

    - Ben Hobbs, Managing Partner, Consortium Investment Management LLP

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    The good thing about a local company is they can get to know us and understand how we work, which always helps to solve any issues very quickly

    - Robert Cooper, Director, AGL

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What are Cloud Services?

Cloud services deliver computing services like storage and software over the internet, revolutionising how businesses operate. These services offer flexibility, efficiency, and innovation, enabling companies to scale resources as needed. Ratcliff IT is a trusted consultant to London businesses seeking to leverage these advantages.

As experts in bespoke cloud solutions, Ratcliff IT can guide you through integrating cloud services into your operations for optimal performance. At Ratcliff IT, we listen, we understand, and we tailor cloud services to align with your strategic goals.

We offer easy access and instant updates to all your files with our full suite of cloud solution packages in London and beyond.

What are Cloud Services

  No fuss cloud services that you can trust. Ratcliff IT.

Elevating Your Small and Medium Businesses with Cloud Technology

Elevating Your Small and Medium Businesses with Cloud Technology

Take your business further with our easy-to-use services.
We're your trusted partner, no matter the size of your business:

Grow easily: Our services can expand as your business does.

Work from anywhere: Get into your work securely, whenever you need to, from any place.

Work smarter: Quick, reliable access to your files and programs means you can get more done, together.

Welcome to the future of IT, right here in London.

Comprehensive Cloud Services for London-Based Businesses

With robust, bespoke cloud solutions, we'll keep your operations smooth, secure, and efficient, letting you focus on business growth and customer satisfaction.


Cloud Migration

Cloud migration has never been easier with our dedicated support in London. We're here to ensure a seamless transition, keeping your data safe and operations running smoothly.


Cloud Management

Our cloud management services in London are all about giving you peace of mind and full control over your digital assets. As an extension of your business, we focus on technicalities such as Microsoft 365, data storage, and backup so you can take care of your core activities.


Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Discover the best of both worlds with our hybrid cloud solutions, tailored for London's dynamic business landscape. Enjoy the flexibility of public cloud with the security of private cloud, all designed to fit your unique needs perfectly.

Expert Service

Cloud Security

Our cloud services in London take a proactive approach to cloud security, prioritising the protection of your data and the safety of your operations. Following local and international law, we'll meet the highest standards of cloud security, staying abreast of any changes and ensuring compliance.

Our service desk is available with remote and onsite support options.


  Rest easy with complete peace of mind while we keep things running smoothly and safely.

Benefits of Ratcliff IT's Cloud Services


  • Ratcliff IT's cloud services are tailored to businesses of different shapes and sizes, offering unparalleled flexibility to meet your current and future needs in London.

  • Experience unmatched scalability, ensuring your IT infrastructure can grow seamlessly alongside your business, optimising costs and allowing for monthly budgeting.

  • Notice enhanced collaboration among your team, with secure, real-time access to data and applications, regardless of location.

  • Rely on robust security measures and proactive protection, ensuring your data's safety in the dynamic digital landscape of London.

  • Consider us an extension of your team, with Ratcliff IT's dedicated support providing expert guidance and assistance at every step of your cloud journey.


Benefits of Ratcliff ITs Cloud Services

  Award-Winning, Accredited IT Support In London

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Ready to rev up your productivity and get your tech in tip-top shape? If you’re after a business partner to grow and adapt with your business, look no further. We’re all about building lasting relationships at Ratcliff IT. Our Managed IT Support is all about getting IT worries off your desk. Book a free IT check-up with James Ratcliff and find out how we can help you step up your game, in whatever way you need.


  Discover our Outsourced IT Support services in London. Let's empower your technology today.

Why Choose Ratcliff IT for Cloud Services?


Ratcliff IT wants to make business accessible. That's why a user-friendly private cloud solution is top of our list when we work with London businesses.

We'll have a no-strings meeting first to understand your operational needs, and then create the right strategy for your business.

It's our focus on communication and commitment to relationships with our people and clients that truly sets us apart. We're experts in our field, on hand with maintenance, troubleshooting, and guidance whenever you need it.

Remember, we're consultants dedicated to improving your business efficiency.

Outsourced London IT Support

  Award-Winning, Accredited Cloud Specialists


Hassle-Free Migration and Support

Experience hassle-free complete migrations and unparalleled support with Cloud Services London.

Our expert team, led by James Ratcliff, ensures a smooth transition to the cloud, minimising disruption to your operations.

We understand the complexities involved and are here to guide you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what people want answers about when they search for Cloud Services in London.

Cloud services offer a range of digital solutions that enable businesses to store, manage, and process data over the internet rather than through physical hardware. These services provide the flexibility to access data from anywhere, ensuring operational continuity and scalability. From cloud storage and backup to collaborative platforms like Microsoft 365, cloud services facilitate seamless collaboration and innovation. They also offer the most robust security features around, protecting your data from cyber threats. Embrace cloud services to enhance your business's efficiency and adaptability.

Ratcliff IT stands at the forefront of providing bespoke cloud computing services in London, catering to businesses seeking to optimise costs and enhance operational flexibility. Our tailored cloud solutions allow organisations to effortlessly scale their operations, adapting to current needs with ease. With Ratcliff its own IT infrastructure, businesses benefit from a blend of efficiency and flexibility, ensuring they remain competitive and agile in today's dynamic market. Embrace the future of digital infrastructure with Ratcliff IT, your trusted partner in cloud services.

Cloud computing services offer a distinct advantage. Businesses leveraging cloud technology experience heightened efficiency, scalability, and security compared to those relying on traditional IT infrastructure. The cloud enables seamless remote access, powerful collaboration, and data management, allowing for a more adaptable and robust operation. Furthermore, cloud services significantly reduce the need for costly hardware investments and maintenance, presenting a cost-effective solution. In today's digital landscape, a business with cloud services is undoubtedly more dynamic and resilient than one without.

One of the most commonly outsourced IT services is helpdesk/technical support, as businesses seek to provide their users with round-the-clock backing without managing an in-house support team. Other popular outsourced services include cybersecurity, data storage, and network management due to the specialised skills and infrastructures they require.

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