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Case Study: Triton Building Restoration

An IT Department to rely on for Triton Building Restoration

With a reputation for heritage and quality workmanship, Triton Building Restoration have traded in London for nearly thirty years. High profile projects include the Royal Exchange, The Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, the Lyceum Theatre, the Athenaeum Club and the Criterion Theatre. Having worked with Ratcliff IT for over four years, they have come to rely heavily on the skills and expertise of the team.

‘Ratcliff IT deal with any issues quickly and efficiently. They will always offer to do anything they can to help, even if it is not within their remit. They know our names and we know theirs, so there is never a need to quote PC numbers. We have regular contact and that makes a real difference to know they only a phone call away.’ – Lauren Creswell, Office Manager.

As experts in their field, consistently delivering high profile projects, Triton Building Restoration need an IT support team they can rely on to ensure operations run as smoothly as possible. Offering a bespoke personal service, Ratcliff IT have become an extension of the Triton Building Restoration team.

As an outsourced IT department, Ratcliff IT manage the day to day requirements for Triton Building Restoration at a far lower cost than employing an internal IT Manager. Up to date with all latest developments in IT security policy and cyber-attack prevention, Ratcliff IT also work in the background to protect their business with regular security updates and data back-ups. In addition, Ratcliff IT will recommend and implement strategic changes to their IT infrastructure to improve the efficiency and productivity of the business.

Different approaches were needed to meet Triton Building Restoration’s complex requirements. Some staff are based in the office, whilst others are located remotely on-site. To work as efficiently as possible, Ratcliff IT migrated their daily operations across to Office 365. This allows easy access to email and applications from any location and on any device. The Ratcliff IT team planned the transition to ensure there was minimum disruption to the business.

‘When we moved our email across to Office 365, it was almost like it didn’t happen. We were amazed, the move was perfect!’ – Lauren Creswell, Office Manager

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