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Watch: James Ratcliff, MD, on staff productivity and wellbeing



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The business world has taken huge strides in recent years to create positive workplace cultures. It’s not only a good thing to be known as caring employees, but it’s also what numerous employees are looking for now.

Working remotely on and off for 2 years in the pandemic has taught employees what’s important to them and given employers an opportunity to prioritise mental wellbeing and connection between team members.  It's become vital to do what we can to battle feelings of isolation, and instead cultivate a workplace where people feel part of a community.

If you have a team of burnt-out, unhappy staff who are under pressure 7 days a week, they will be making more mistakes, requiring more management and likely will think negatively of your company.

Creating a culture where staff feel empowered, valued, and equipped is key. Prioritising tools that enable collaboration and team communication is crucial to help people feel connected and motivated.  Chances are, not all your competitors are prioritising this yet.  But it's very likely that if a highly qualified employee had to choose between joining or remaining at a business that prioritises wellbeing and one that doesn't, they'd choose the friendlier option.  After all, wouldn't you?