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Office 365: Do You Need a Backup?

One question that we often get asked at our IT support desk, particularly by owners of a small business, is: If I have Office 365, do I still need another back up service?

Backing up is an important, something that can protect you when things go wrong with your digital infrastructure. If you have any kind of information, from financial data to customer contact details, losing it can not only damage your company but also put a severe dent in your reputation.

Many of our small business owners in London use Office 365 as the industry standard. Microsoft has one of the best biggest backup systems that money can buy and, at first sight, this might seem all you need.

But there are, as with any system, limitations which means other backup options need to be considered.

Why You May Need Another Backup Solution?

The problem is that Microsoft’s backup is designed to manage technology and processes. Their back up systems for enterprise are robust, but they do not allow for human error or intent.

Most businesses have various kinds of data in digital form and this is often compounded when there are more employees. How do you protect against a malicious attempt to delete information at your end? What happens if someone accidently overrides a file or deletes something you need? By the time you discover this has happened, the data may no longer be stored by Office 365.

Getting the Right Backup Advice

It might be true to say that backing up is one of those necessary evils that a small business takes seriously only when they have to. Don’t leave it until it’s too late. The good news is there are plenty of options out there. Choose one that makes sure your data remains accessible and you can operate with little or no interruption if a system fails or information is deleted.


If you are a small business currently just relying on Office 365 for your backups, it might be time to contact your IT support partner to review your processes and see what additional solutions are available to ensure you are completely covered.


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