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How to spend only the right amount on cyber security without trying to fill a black hole

As a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), having the right IT support and cyber security services is crucial for your business to thrive in this technology-driven world.

With limited budgets, SMEs often find themselves struggling to balance the need for robust cyber security measures with the resources available to implement them. In this article we will explore how to spend only the right amount on cyber security for your business needs. As a reliable IT and cyber security services partner, Ratcliff IT has helped many SMEs improve their security posture without breaking the bank. Read on to learn more.

Conduct a cyber security assessment

One of the first things to do when it comes to cyber security is to conduct an assessment of your current posture. This will help you identify vulnerabilities, risks, and the areas where you need to focus your efforts. There are many cyber security assessment tools available online, but it’s best to ask an expert to perform a comprehensive assessment of your IT infrastructure, applications, and systems. Ratcliff IT can provide bespoke cyber security assessments tailored to your business needs, ensuring that you get the right level of protection for your budget.

Tailor Cyber Security Solutions to Your Needs

SMEs should avoid generic, off-the-shelf cyber security solutions that are not tailored to their specific needs. Instead, they should work with a partner who understands their business model, industry, and security requirements. Ratcliff IT provides bespoke cyber security solutions that are tailored to each client's needs. Our team of experts can help you select the right security solutions that protect your data, applications, and systems without spending too much money or time.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed certification scheme that helps businesses protect themselves against cyber threats. It provides a set of five security controls that, when implemented correctly, can prevent around 80% of cyber attacks. SMEs can benefit from Cyber Essentials as it’s an affordable and straightforward way to improve their cyber security posture. Ratcliff IT can help you obtain Cyber Essentials certification and implement the necessary controls.

Understand the cost of downtime

SMEs should also consider the cost of downtime when calculating the right amount to spend on cyber security. Cyber attacks can cause significant business disruption, leading to lost revenue, reputational damage, and even complete closure in some cases. Therefore, investing in cyber security is not only about protecting your assets but also about ensuring business continuity. Ratcliff IT can help you calculate the cost of downtime and the impact it can have on your business, enabling you to make informed decisions about your cyber security spending.

Plan and strategize

Lastly, SMEs should have a plan and a security strategy that aligns with their business goals and objectives. This means ensuring that security is integrated into every aspect of the business, from IT infrastructure to employee training and awareness. Ratcliff IT can help you develop a security strategy that addresses your unique needs and challenges, and effectively manages and mitigates cyber risks.


SMEs must not overlook the importance of cyber security in today's digital age. Working with a reliable IT and cyber security services partner like Ratcliff IT can help you accurately assess your cyber security posture, tailor solutions to your specific needs, obtain Cyber Essentials certification, calculate the cost of downtime, and plan and strategize for the future. Don't let cyber threats hold your business back. Contact us today to learn more about our bespoke and affordable cyber security services.


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