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We understand IT is a key enabler for business success. Our consultancy-first approach ensures your technology is set up to help you reach your business goals and doesn’t stand in your way. Reduce the risk, cost, and support the productivity of your staff.


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    “Ratcliff IT offered a bespoke and personal service. They didn’t try to sell us a costly cloud solution. They simply gave us what we needed.”

    - Ben Hobbs, Managing Partner, Consortium Investment Management LLP

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    When our emails were moved across to Office 365 we didn’t notice the transfer at all. It was all completed within 24 hours. Ratcliff IT were happy to manage everything for us, including a change of Internet provider, so we didn’t need to worry about a thing

    -Lynn Ayiotis, Company Secretary, Access Solutions
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    The process of upgrading our systems was very ordered and well planned. Ratcliff IT knew exactly what to do to really make a difference to our business

    - Jamie Bell, Partner, Simia Farra & Company

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Strategic Technology Consulting and Planning

Do you find that you often don’t have full confidence in your IT partner? Your technology should help you boost your efficiency, not stand in your way and slow you down. This is where your IT planning comes in. At Ratcliff IT, we want to help you build an IT infrastructure that is set up for success. We help ensure you have the right technology that allows you to work smarter, not harder.


Increased Efficiency

When you align your IT strategy to your business strategy, your technology will enable efficiency rather than cause roadblocks. We help ensure your IT is working like a well-oiled machine, allowing for higher productivity with less frustrations, so that your team can get on with what they’re paid to do.



Transforming your IT doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. The better aligned your IT strategy is, the more money you will be able to save. We offer invoice reviews and identify legacy and surplus systems or licenses so that you don't have to worry about unnecessary spending. We ensure you’re cost efficient without compromising on quality, and we will never try and sell you IT for the sake of selling IT.



Your IT strategy needs to take cyber security into account. Cyber security is critical to your business and must be managed and planned for as an integrated function. We help you align your technology with the latest security standards, so you’re never left vulnerable to attack.

Our IT Strategy Services

We're in the business of people, not technology, so it's all about our relationships with our clients and partners. We work on a consultancy-first approach, which means our partnership will be a two-way street: We put your individual business needs first to help make your IT work in the best way for you. Our priority is finding the best strategy for you and advise you on the best way forward.



Systems Audit

Ever feel like you don't really know what you have, or if it's been set up correctly? Our team reviews and evaluates your existing systems to see how your technology is currently working for you. This doesn’t simply include looking at your systems, it also means understanding how your teams work and what they need to succeed.


Strategy Consultancy

We'll never, ever sell you something for the sake of it. Our audit gives us a holistic overview and firm understanding of what you need from IT, and enables us to make recommendations to improve efficiency, security, and reduce wastage and risk.

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Framework Creation

Based on our IT strategy recommendations, we will work together to create an IT roadmap and budget plans that help you get to where you want to be. We only recommend solutions with high cyber security standards that support you and your business growth.


Ongoing Support

Consultancy is not where our services stop, it's where it starts... With us as your IT partner, we offer quarterly planning meetings to ensure your technology always continues to work for you—seamlessly and efficiently.


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Re-evaluating your technology plan is the first step to building a solid foundation for your business growth. If you’re looking for a partner to create your IT plan together, and want to be focussed on your productivity, not chasing IT, then you’ve come to the right people.

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We recognise that IT isn't all about computers - It's about developing personal relationships and becoming a reliable partner in your business. Think of us as an extension of your own team. You'll enjoy a friendly and personal service and we will make sure that you always have the right level of on-site and remote support.

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