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Why good isn't good enough for the financial services industry. Insist on excellence as the standard.


As the COO or office manager of a financial services company, ensuring the safety and security of your business should always be a top priority.

With cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, it's more important than ever for your SME IT and cyber support to go above and beyond in protecting your organization's sensitive data. In this blog post, we'll discuss why "good" IT support simply isn't good enough for the financial services industry, and why you should insist on excellence as the standard. 


First and foremost, financial services companies simply have more to lose than most other types of businesses. From customer data to sensitive financial information, the stakes are incredibly high for a breach in cybersecurity. This is why it's so important to have an IT support team that is dedicated to going above and beyond in ensuring the security of your organization. Your IT team should be constantly reviewing and updating security protocols, monitoring for potential threats, and establishing contingency plans in case of a breach. 


Additionally, regulatory compliance is a major concern for financial services companies. Ensuring you are following regulations like GDPR or the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is crucial, and requires expertise and vigilance from your IT team. Not only can a violation of these regulations lead to hefty fines, but it can also significantly damage your reputation and potentially cost you valuable clients. 


Furthermore, the financial services industry is constantly evolving, and as such, your IT support team must be able to keep up with those changes. Whether it's new trends in fintech or advancements in cybersecurity, staying current is critical to maintaining your competitive edge. Make sure your IT team is well-versed in the latest industry developments and has a keen eye for identifying and mitigating risks. 


It's also worth noting that financial services companies are rapidly becoming a primary target for cybercriminals. These organizations naturally have a high amount of valuable data, and as such, are at greater risk of being targeted. This means your IT team must be prepared to handle sophisticated attacks, from ransomware to social engineering attempts. Having an IT support team that is well-equipped to handle these challenges can mean the difference between being able to weather an attack and being devastated by one. 


As the COO or office manager of a financial services company, you cannot settle for mediocre IT and cyber support. Insist on excellence as the standard – your organization's security and reputation depend on it. With so much at stake, it's critical to have an IT team that is dedicated, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking. By proactively addressing potential risks and staying up-to-date with industry developments, you'll be better equipped to handle whatever challenges may come your way. 


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